Hi, I'm Samuel Warren

Junior Web Developer


About Me

As a United States Marine Corps Veteran and former Emergency Medical Technician, educated with a B.A. in Communication, I value the importance of getting a message across in high-stress environments. With the rapid pace at which technology develops, an organization often requires a team player who can communicate effectively while working simultaneously on difficult problems. My military/medical background has me well suited for coming up with solutions to difficult problems and never giving up. While I am not currently jumping out of airplanes or driving ambulances anymore, I have a new goal- working as a Jr. Web Developer. Web Development has become my passion. I love the never ending challenges it presents, as well as the creativity that I can incorporate into my projects. With Full-Stack JavaScript experience, including proficiency with React.JS and Node.JS, I am comfortable with what entails to successfully build a full-stack JavaScript application. Currently, I am searching for an employer who will surround me with talent that can refine my abilities and welcome me to a team. Please view my recent projects below (allow about 30 seconds for the links to load, as it is hosted on Heroku's free service) and feel free to also leave your information if you would like to get in touch. Thanks for visiting!


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Located In San Diego, CA